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How to Apply

NCO Student
NCO Student

Application process

The Trustees are not currently seeking new applications but prefer to invite applications from charities that are already known to them. The Trustees aim to give on-going and meaningful support to selected charities whose work they have researched, and in many cases visited, and which fall within their guidelines.

Any applications made from 1 November to 17 November 2016 will be considered at the next Trustees’ meeting in March 2017. All other applicants should only submit an online application if you have been invited to do so by the Trustees. Unfortunately all other applications will be rejected.

Please note to begin an application you must register on this website.


Grants applications are considered biannually in March and December each year by the Trustees.  Successful applicants or applications where additional information is required will be notified.


The Foundation has limited funds on which to draw annually. As a result competition is fierce and only a small number are made each year. Grants are usually in the region of £10,000, and issued in single one-off payments. Supplementary grants or extensions will only be considered in exceptional circumstances and where a satisfactory progress report has been received.

Payment of grants

Grants will usually be paid in April and January.


It is a mandatory condition that all grant recipients submit a report using the foundations on-line report form. Reports must be received within 12 months of receiving a grant or the commencement of a project that is being funded. Failure to submit a report will result in no further grants being awarded.

What the foundation will not fund

The Foundation is pleased to support a wide range of organisations, though please note the guidelines below which indicate the areas that are not likely to be funded by the Foundation.

  • The Foundation only considers applications from UK registered charities and your registration number is required (unless you have exempt status such as a church, educational establishment, hospital or housing corporation).
  • The Foundation does not typically fund projects outside the UK , even if the organisation is registered within Britain.
  • The Foundation is not able to accept applications from individuals or for individual research or study. This includes gap year activities, study trips, fundraising expeditions and sponsorship.