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About us

About Us

The Enid Linder Foundation is a Registered Charity, Established by Enid Blanche Linder under a governing Deed of Trust in 1974. The Trust Deed of the Foundation gives wide powers to the Trustees in their allocation of the Funds available. Over a period of some 35 years the policy of allocating the Funds has developed, endeavouring to follow the Settlor's approach to such matters. The Enid Linder Foundation will only consider applications from UK registered charities or organisations with exempt status. The Enid Linder Foundation has assets of some £12 million and distributes around thirty grants each year to a range of medical, welfare and arts charities.

Our Aims

The aims of the foundation are:

  • To continue funding chosen general charitable causes which are of particular interest or concern to the Trustees.
  • To distribute in full, in accordance with the governing Trust Deed, all the income available each year.
  • To maintain resources at a reasonable level in order to continue to provide general charitable assistance in the foreseeable future.

Grant Making Policy

The Enid Linder Foundation has established its grant making policy to achieve its objectives for the public benefit to improve the lives of sufferers of a wide range of disease and illnesses and promoting illustrative and musical talent. The Foundation carries out these objectives by awarding grants in the following categories:

Medicine: To fund research, education and capital projects related to all areas of medicine through grants to selected medical universities, institutions and charities.

The Arts: To fund projects which aim to develop and encourage individual and group talent in musical, theatre and illustrative art.

General: To make donations to projects through other registered UK charities which support and care for the benefit of the public as a whole.